Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jenny & Kao - an inviting cake

Jenny contacted me back in May after her bridesmaid, Wendy, recommended me to her. You see, Wendy saw (and tasted) my handiwork at Jane (aka Mrs. Cherryblossom on Weddingbee) and Jason's wedding earlier that month and passed on my info. Gotta love referrals :-). (I'll blog about Jane and Jason's cakes at a later date but you can click here, here, and here to see the two wedding cakes and Honda S2000 groom's cake I made for them).

Jenny and her bridesmaid, Wendy, had designed a beautiful invitation suite featuring two adorable bird silhouettes and Jenny wanted to incorporate this design into the design of the cake.

Seeing the invitations, I immediately knew what design I wanted for this cake but of course, I sketched up some alternate designs just in case Jenny wasn't so hot about my original design. Luckily for me, Jenny, Kao, and Wendy were all on the same page and below is the resulting cake.

Placing these two bird silhouettes on the back of the cake was a marvelous suggestion from bridesmaid Wendy and is based on the labels on the Chinese takeout box wedding favors. Each takeout box contained two wrapped fortune cookies with this custom message: "he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me. we tied the knot." cute is that. Below is a pic of the favors and some of the other beautiful elements from the reception.

When it comes time to deliver a cake, you can never be 100% sure what type of reception you'll get. Sometimes you're in and out and you barely see anyone and other times you're right in the thick of things. When delivering Jenny's cake, I must say that
I was a bit taken aback by how enthusiastic and curious everyone was about the cake. Being a cake designer, I'm obviously cuckoo for cocoa puffs about cakes but it was extremely gratifying to also see the friends and family gathered at the reception take such an interest. They asked if the branches were edible (they were), what they were made of (1/2 chocolate fondant and 1/2 gumpaste), and commented on how much they were looking forward to sinking their teeth into it, lol - definitely my kind of people :-). I think the nicest compliment of the day though came from an older Asian gentleman (father of the bride?) who came up alongside me and simply said "Very beautiful cake". As for what the bride thought, I'll let her tell you in her own words:

"Hi lien!

Thanks again for the beautiful cake. I actually ran into the restaurant when we got there to see the cake! Everyone was amazed cause they've never seen anything like it. They thought it was the coolest thing ever. I agree.

It was sooo good! I hardly touched my dinner cause I was saving my stomach for the cake cutting. And when I was to feed Kao the first bite, I actually fed myself first. Haha."

Jenny, I'll have to double-check my wedding video but I'm pretty sure I fed myself too :D!

**If you're as smitten as I am over that invitation design and are looking for someone to design your invitations, I encourage you contact Wendy ( and Jenny ( They were a pleasure to work with :-D!!!



Kim said...

I saw this on Flickr and had to tell you that I LOVE this cake. I really do like the simplicity of silhouetted designs. I need to find a reason to try one myself.

Lien said...

Thanks Kim, I'm finding that I tend to gravitate more and more towards simple designs, although I do enjoy making the occassional ornate ones as well. :-)

Jane said...

LIEN - my gaw i love that cake! I want it. That was so gorgeous and pretty and my gosh I love the details, the invites, the graphic, I gotta go bug Wendy now! I LOVE IT!

Lien said...

lol, thanks Jane! You should definitely "bug" Wendy for your friend's wedding. :-)

Nour said...

Hi Lien,

I LOVE this cake. I am a brides made making a cake for my best friends' wedding and I think they would love the finches. Are the birds edible? Do you have any advice on how to make them? I was thinking rolled out fondant cute using a wax paper stencil OR melted chocolate molded over a wax paper cut out. I would REALLY appreciate your opinion and tips.