Monday, April 19, 2010

Celebrity Chef Challenge

Next Friday is the 8th Annual Celebrity Chef Challenge and I'm super duper excited! Why, you ask? Not only will our company be there to help support a great cause (more on that later), I will also be doing a live cake carving demonstration! Yippee!!

The Celebrity Chef Challenge is Northern California's own version of the popular Food Network show Iron Chef. In front of a live audience, six regional chefs have 45 minutes to turn five secret ingredients into 3 delectable dishes. Got that? 6 chefs, 45 minutes, 5 secret ingredients, 3 dishes. Watching people cook is bound to make the crowd hungry so adjacent to this competition is a fabulous wine & food fair where folks can sample drinks and goodies from over 25 wineries and 45 regional vendors (us included). Food competition, wine, and yummy samples, if this isn't foodie heaven, I don't know what is! The cherry on top has got to be that Guy Farris and Melissa Crowley from Sacramento & Co. will be emceeing the event and that celebrity chef judge, Dominque Crenn from "The Next Iron Chef" will be judging.

Tickets are $50 in advance and $60 at-the-door and all proceeds go to help an extremely worthy organization, InAlliance. InAlliance has been helping people with developmental disabilities gain independence through employment since 1952 and as I have a younger brother who has actually benefitted from their services, I am more than happy to do what I can to help support them, including possibly embarassing myself doing a live cake carving/decorating demonstration.

Last week I met Jessica, the show coordinator, at the California Auto Museum (formerly Towe Auto Museum) where the event will be held to go over details and to pick out my cake carving subject. With so many classic cars on display, we thought it would be fitting for me to make a scale replica of one of these beauties. When I laid eyes on the signal red 1953 Porsche 1500 Coupe (model 356), I knew she was the one (with all those curves, you know it's gotta be a "she").

She was sandwiched between two other cars and I couldn't get a good profile shot but here she is again, this time wearing blue. Isn't she gorgeous?

I've got roughly 2 1/2 hours to carve and decorate this cake, which really isn't even enough time for certain detail parts to dry so wish me luck, lol. Embarassment or not, I promise that it'll be a great show =D. So if you're a fan of food shows, cake shows, or just a fan of free food and wine, I encourage you to go buy your tickets for 8th Annual Celebrity Chef Challenge today. Go on, just click here.
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