Monday, December 8, 2008

A Cute Phallus?

A friend recently contacted me about a bachelorette cake for her FSIL (future sister-in-law for those of you who are wedding lingo challenged). She’d kill me if I mentioned her real name so let’s just call my friend "Sophia" (which happens to be the most popular girl's name for 2007). I had two main things to consider when designing this cake: 1) Sophia wanted something naughty but not too explicit and 2) she was picking up the cake en route to the party in San Francisco which means I had to stick to designs that could be easily transported by a petite woman in 3" party heels. In other words, no tall/narrow/heavy cakes that might possibly tip over. And seeing that Sophia is rather shy, I suggested some mildly risqué designs: you know, women’s lingerie, a Victoria Secret’s box with a functional lid, adult toy replicas, etc. And in jest, I ended my list of suggestions with, “or we can make the traditional penis cake.” Boy was I ever shocked when she said she wanted a penis cake! I guess I shouldn't have been though, after all, they say it's the shy quiet ones we all need to watch out for, lol ;-) ..........However, she did ask if I can make a cute one.

A cute penis (cake)? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Turns out not necessarily so. I've only seen a few before (I'm referring to cute penis cakes - get your mind out the gutter, sheesh!) but they do exist and Debbie from Debbie Does Cakes makes the cutest ones I've ever seen (This one's my favorite). As a professional courtesy, I emailed Debbie to make sure she was ok with me using her cake design as inspiration for mine. And being the darling that she is, she was totally cool with it :-).

Sophia's FSIL is a nature buff so after sorting through various design ideas, it struck me: What's more natural than Adam & Eve in "nature" in the "buff" (get it - "nature buff"? - hehe, I warned you that my jokes were cheesy). Now, if you would allow me a little poetic freedom, I'd like to explain how the below cake design fully captures the "original sin" - a very appropriate theme for a bachelorette party, no? Adam is represented in the overall phallic shape of the cake while Eve comes through in the face and dress. The apple is the literal representation of the forbidden fruit and the snake.....uh, the snake...........the snake was represented by the worms in the many tequila shots that were taken later that evening :-D. No, not buying it? The snake bit was too much, huh? Darn, I knew it! Alright, alright, I just thought it was a cute design, okay?

Top view: Side view:
Closeup of the face and apple:
Closeup of
I had a ton of fun making this cake. It was my first phallic cake and I have to admit that I did feel a tiny bit naughty when I was smoothing the fondant over the carved shape *blush*. Good thing my husband wasn’t around, heehee.

The cake itself was a delicious hazelnut chocolate cake with hazelnut buttercream but Sophia, FSIL, and the rest of the bachelorette party never got a chance to taste it. Why not, you ask? Apparently, during the alchohol-laden festivities, FSIL caressed the cake a bit too roughly and smushed it!!! I was literally ROTFL when I heard this. So much for my tip-over design precautions, lol. Sounds like the bachelorette had an awesome time though, and that's all that really matters........even if she doesn't remember any of it.

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debbie goard said...

It's great!! love those "modesty"leaves, lol!