Sunday, May 17, 2009

I could just kick myself......

A couple of weeks ago, I had two firsts: I did my first cupcake wedding and made my first sugar human figurines.......and unfortunately, I have no good photos to show because I forgot to bring my camera on the delivery.

The day of the wedding couldn't have gone any smoother - I arrived at the event location, levelled the cake table, set up the custom-made cupcake tower, placed the topper cake and figurines and then reached for my camera only to realize that I had left it on my work counter. DOH! At that exact moment, I seriously felt like kicking myself. There was no convenience store nearby so buying a disposable camera was out of the question - all I'm left with are the crappy photos I took using my camera phone.

Without further ado, I present to you the cupcake tower in question.

You're probably wondering why there's a tater tot at the top of this tower, huh? Well, there's a really funny/sweet story behind that. This cupcake tower was actually a wedding present from the bride's cousin, Alanna. When I met with Alanna, she expressed that her cousin, Jen and her fiance were big fans of the movie Napoleon Dynamite and that she would love to incorporate that into the cake as a surprise. Now if you've ever watched Napoleon Dynamite, you'll know that tater tots or "tots" are featured prominently in the film; you might also recognize that the outfits that the Napoleon and Deb figurines are wearing are from their prom night.

Napoleon Dynamite: "I like your sleeves. They're real big."
Deb: "Thank you. I made them myself."

Sorry, I couldn't resist. We also played with the idea of placing little fondant "liger" drawings on the cupcakes but thought that that might be taking it a bit too far.
Like I mentioned, this was my first foray into making human figurines and I was really happy with the end result, not because they were all that fantastic but more because they didn't suck, lol. If the resolution on this photo was better, you would see the curls in Napoleon's hair, his mini wire frame glasses, the stitching on his vest and most importantly, his infamous moon boots.

Here's a photo of Napoleon and Deb sans hair.
If case you were wondering how the surprise topper cake went over with Alanna's cousin:
"I spoke with my cousin today, they just got home from their little honeymoon in the sierra nevada mountains. She had the last of the tater tot for breakfast and never shared with anyone but her husband! She was estatic about both the flavor and skill that went into Napoleon and Deb. Thank you cause she was tremendously pleased with her wedding cupcakes and topper!"

All I can say is that Jen is lucky to have such a awesome cousin. =D

Lien Sanchez


SweetThings said...

Awesome! I'm doing my first wedding cupcake tower today! Your figures rock!

Ruralrose said...

Was passing by your blog but wow you are some kind of culinary artist - i had so much fun here looking at your work, thanks for sharing - best of luck to you and peace for all