Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Celebrity Chef Challenge Recap

Ok, I know this recap is bit late in coming but May has been (and still is) crazy busy. Between weddings, wedding cakes, graduations, and birthdays (including my own), 24 hours a day simply is not enough.

If you didn't make it to the 8th Annual Celebrity Chef Challenge on April 30th, boy did you miss out. Well, actually so did I in a matter of speaking :( - I was so busy doing my cake carving demo, I didn't have time to check out many of the booths around but from what I gathered from those who attended, the entrance fee was more than worth all the delicious food and wine that was consumed that evening, not to mention the awesome live entertainment, namely the celebrity chef challenge. Bad news is that I don't have much details on the cooking challenge; in fact, I was only able to glimpse at the setup.

Good news is that I do have tons of pictures to share on my cake carving demo. To remind you, I had chosen to carve a 1953 Porsche Coupe that was on display at the California Auto Museum.

I started off with a big block of cake. (Why didn't anyone tell me my hair was sticking out in the back?)
Starting to carve the profile of the car. I look so serious, lol.
More carving...btw, that's the actual car in the back.
Adding the curves to the hood.
A quick stop to take a photo with my lovely assistants for the evening: my sister, Tran, and my best friend, Michelle, who were helping me hand out hundreds of samples of my red velvet cake with cream cheese buttercream. They rocked!
Applying black fondant to the top of the cake, later to become the windows for the car.

Next, a covering of red fondant.
Scoring the lines of the door.
Picture of the crowd that had gathered to watch.
Smoothing out the front bumper.
Painting on the silver trim.
Finally finished. You see that I was sooo happy to be done that you can barely see my eyes with that huge smile, lol.And about 20 minutes after I finished, I noticed that I had forgotten to add the silver trim to the front and back bumpers (Darn!).
At the end of the evening this lucky man, Jon, was able to take the porsche cake home and enjoy it with their friends and neighbors the next day. Here is a pic of me and Jon and below is one of his lovely wife, Brenda, getting ready to cut into the cake. It was a busy night for sure since there were a lot of steps to carving and decorating a car cake but I'd definitely participate again next year. I may, however, choose to do a less time-consuming subject, something that will allow me more time to interact with the crowd.....oh definitley more time to sample some of the awesome food and wine. =D

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faithy, the baker said...

Thank you for sharing! I think you did an awesome job with craving cake on live with so many eyes watching! Not easy imo! Great & Incredible work!

Karen Snyder said...

The cake looks awesome. I don't know how you do it!

Crazy Cake Lady said...

Thanks ladies! The Porsche wasn't perfect since I did have to rush a bit but I was just glad to finish =D

curtis03 Lewis said...

Good to know about this challenge. Couple of weeks ago, arranged a dance party for my friends at one of amazing corporate event venues San Francisco. Had hired a party DJ and he played awesome music. We all enjoyed the party.