Thursday, June 3, 2010

KCRA A-List win and my 4 1/2 minutes of fame....

OMG, I can't believe that I forgot to post my blog about my KCRA A-List win for "BEST CAKE". When it was officially announced last Friday, I emailed friends, blasted it across my facebook page and drafted a blog post but completely forgot to post it! Doh! I must be getting old...

Well, it's probably for the better since now I can post videos and give the behind the scenes scoop on my two TV appearances. Yes, two (details to come).
First and foremost, thank you, thank you, thank you, to all of you who voted for me! You guys seriously ROCK!! I'm so overjoyed to have won for "BEST CAKE" in the wedding cake category, especially considering the fierce competion I had.

I was first notified of my win a few days before it was publicly announced when a producer from KCRA called and asked if I would be interested in doing a brief TV spot on their Friday morning news. Would I? Are you kidding me? Of course I would!! As luck would have it though, that week was also one of my busiest weeks of the year with multiple wedding cake and cookie orders for Memorial Day weekend but of course I made it work.

I showed up to the TV studio Friday morning with a few things to talk about: my recreation of the AT-AT cake I made for my husband's birthday, a DIY cupcake display made from things found around the house, and some cookie favors I made that week. I was told the spot would be about 3 minutes and having timed it at home (you know, for practice) I expected it to go by fast but even I was caught off guard by just how fast it went. You can watch the clip here (sorry, can't seem to figure how to imbed these videos, email me if you know how :).

Only after filming did I realize that my segment was actually cut short because they were running behind. I felt a little better knowing that I didn't misjudge the timing but to be honest, I left the studio feeling a little dejected. Not only did I not say anything to actually promote my business, I reduced my fabulous 7-yr career as an executive in the DVD industry to "selling DVDs", and worse yet I called my husband a "geek" on TV (while "geek" is a term of endearment in my books, I know others may see it differently). I felt like such a TV rookie, which I was but that's besides the point.

The light at the end of the tunnel came a couple hours later when I received another call from KCRA - they felt really bad about cutting my segment and asked if I had time to come down to the studio the following day to do another shoot. In reality, I didn't since I still had cakes to decorate for the upcoming weekend weddings but I would make time for the chance at redemption.

Learning from my mistakes, I decided to keep it simple and bring one of the wedding cakes I made along with the matching cookie favors. I also switched from my non-flattering white chef's coat to an apron which I was hoping was bit more slimming. I think this one went much better. Check it out here.

Well, as you can see, the apron can only do so much when you're standing next to Mai Fesai. I'm no petite flower but watching the video, I seriously looked like an Amazon compared to her 100lb-frame. And can you believe she has two kids? In any case, the segment still wasn't perfect (lots of um's, etc.) but I feel a lot better about it :)
So, there you go my 4 1/2 minutes of fame. And once again thank you, thank you, for all your support!!!
Lien Sanchez
Crazy Cake Company
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faithy, the baker said...

Congrats! Saw your two vids and i think you rock! :D looking forward to more of your blog postings and creations!

Crazy Cake Lady said...

Thanks Faithy, you're way too kind, lol. :)

Shamsun & Najma said...

oh my God, how good are you!!! I discovered your blog the other day and tried commenting but failed to do so, i think you are so talented and have a great personality too!! i cant wait for more of your updates!!!
i am a beginner by the way!

Dylan May said...

Congratulations! You deserve the award because of your hard work, creativity and uniqueness. Even if the video was cut, there were people who supported you, and they know who they voted.