Thursday, October 16, 2008

What's my tone?

Hi everyone, it's been 4 weeks since my initial post and I've been struggling with something that I'm sure many first-time bloggers have a hard time with (well, at least I'm hoping I'm not the only one). That thing is the tone of this blog.

As a frequent blog reader, many of the blogs that I can't wait to check every morning are quirky, funny, and sarcastic. However, most of the cake blogs I've seen (that are linked to a cake business) can be described as interesting, descriptive, beautiful, and pleasant but certainly not sarcastic in any way. Understandably, business blogs need to walk a fine line so as not to offend any of it's potential customers but I'm gonna try my best to hold true to my own personality and inject a bit of my craziness without completely giving away my lunacy. ;-P Just be forwarned though - my jokes can be quite cheesy at times and I love my emoticons :D and internet slang, lol (oh, I also love parentheses!).

I'm a pretty competitive person by nature (especially when it comes to board games), it's what drives me to keep learning and challenging myself to make bigger and better cakes. So of course when it comes to this blog, I certainly don't want to produce something *lame*. I'd love to hear from you folks what qualities you look for in a blog and what makes you keep checking back for more.

Oh, and just because I believe that all blog posts should have a least one picture, here's a picture of the ginormous sunflower bouquet my husband brought home for our 1 year wedding anniversary a little over a month ago. (Yes, sunflowers are my favorite - they make me smile :-).

Lien Sanchez

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