Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cupcakes for the Cure

My sister approached me in September about donating some decorated cupcakes for her office's breast cancer awareness bake sale in October. Aside from being a very good cause, breast cancer awareness has a special meaning for me since I was subject to a breast cancer scare myself in my early 20's when I found a strange lump in my right breast. Fortunately, it was a benign cyst that was believed to have been caused by excessive caffeine intake - I had just started a new job and was drinking massive amounts of coffee. Needless to say, that curbed my coffee habit real quick, lol. I, of course, told my sister that I would be delighted to help out.

Since the little pink ribbon is iconic with breast cancer awareness (not to mention adorable in it's own right), my sister and I agreed that they would make the perfect cupcake toppers. I also considered making pink vanilla cupcakes but in the end I succumbed to my obsession with all things red (just ask my friends) and made red velvet cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting instead. In the words of Rachel Ray, "Yum-O!"

Don't they look so cute all lined up like toy soldiers? :-D

Top view - sorry for the grainy,fuzzy pic.

About 2 hours into the bake sale, my sister texted to let me know that the cupcakes were a big hit and that they were almost gone! Darnit, I knew I should have made more.....



Vanessa said...

What tip do you use? I have been just cutting a piping bag, but they are a little too big, but my No 12 is far to small.

Lien said...

Hi Vanessa, I used a Wilton tip #2A for these cupcakes. The #2A tip is larger and doesn't fit the regular couplers so you'll need to buy larger couplers or just place them inside your icing bag or parchment cone sans coupler.

fabulousfeefee said...

wow these are so amazing! I am making muffins for my office to show our support for breast cancer awareness month. I lost my mum to breast cancer xxx